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Cell Therapy Expansion Has Evolved

Advanced protein-based soluble activation enhances the quality and quantity of your next immunotherapy.

Superior CAR-T Generation

With our proprietary technology, we use CAR-T expansion to produce more clinically potent CAR-T cells reported to live longer in vivo and continue to deliver anti-cancer effects. Our product is efficient and effective, and uses less time and fewer T cells than competitor reagents.
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Expanding T Cells 5
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Expanding T Cells 3
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Our technology is able to produce larger quantities of CAR-T cells in less time than competitor reagents.

lower risk (Soluble + Protein based)

We use protein-based components in our manufacturing, eliminating the risk of synthetic contaminants.

Improved Clinical Outcomes

Clinical research showed high rates of tumor destruction and remission in patients by the types of T cell profile Nanotein’s product expands.

Our Products

Learn more about how Nanotein’s expansion reagents can improve the count and functionality of immune cells in your therapy development processes.
Expand and activate CAR-T cells, targeting CD8+ expansion for high stemness and therapy efficacy
Robust activation and expansion with more control over the ratio between CD8+ and CD4+ T cells
Feeder free, high quality NK cell activation and expansion for NK cell therapy programs

Our novel platform technology helps overcome the CAR-T industry's challenges

CAR-T cells are the most clinically and commercially advanced of the anti-cancer cell therapies. While incredibly effective, they have faced multiple challenges, especially attributed to manufacturing. We at Nanotein work to address these challenges by greatly improving the quality and quantity of T cells produced.

Our CAR-T reagents help our customers to make better, more effective cell therapies, faster

Cancer cell therapies are the cancer treatment of the future. The foundation of CAR-T cell therapies is the T cells from which they are generated. The degree of stemness and overall quality of these cells are critical to CAR-T’s therapeutic success.

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We are Able to Outperform Current Commercial Competitors

Up to 12 antibodies or cytokines of our choice can be conjugated to our central, proprietary, engineered protein-nanoparticle, enabling future novel product development.

Nanotein Named Top 10 Biotech Startup of 2021

We are Hiring!

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