NanoSpark™ GROW-NK
Soluble NK Cell Activator

The NanoSparkTM GROW-NK Soluble Activator uses anti-NKp46 & anti-CD2 mAbs on the NanoSparkTM platform to activate and expand NK cells in an easy-to-use, feeder-free manner.
  • High performance
  • Feeder-free
  • Soluble, all protein-based
  • No magnetic components

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The NanoSpark GROW-NK Soluble Activator is a culture-ready, feeder-free reagent for in vitro activation and expansion of human NK cells. The nanoscale of the NanoSpark GROW-NK protein complex allows for sterile filtration and removal of excess reagent via either media exchange or simple centrifugal cell washing.

First-in-Class GROW-NK Soluble Activator Removes Competing Feeder Cells and Bead-based Activators from NK Manufacturing

There is no other product like it. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and removes the need for costly, laborious, and risky feeder cells. Competing feeder cells introduce clinical risks to the process by contaminating cell therapies with cancer cells that could also harbor human pathogens.

The NanoSpark™ product line is modular and plug-and-play by design, using a proprietary self-assembly protein nanoparticle complex that is inherently soluble and can be filter sterilized.

How Does the NanoSpark™ GROW-NK Soluble Activator Work?

The NanoSpark™ GROW-NK Soluble Activator contains self-assembling protein nanoparticles (complexes) with functional antibodies bound to the surface through high-affinity non-covalent interactions. These anti-NKp46 and anti-CD2 antibodies are arranged in a proprietary biophysical combination on the NanoSpark™ platform that drives internal signal transduction or activation.

The NanoSpark™ GROW-NK Soluble Activator activates resting donor human CD3-/CD56+ NK cells.

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  • Convenient

    Soluble, feeder-free, protein-based, and ready-to-use.

  • High Performance

    Industry-leading feeder cell free NK expansion with high viability and cytotoxicity.

  • Reliable

    Employs anti-NKp46/CD2 antibodies displayed on our versatile NanoSparkTM platform.

Product Details

Product Line NanoSparkTM
Cell Type NK cells
Sample Type PBMC, cell culture, NK cell isolate
Reactivity Human
Application NK cell activators, NK cell manufacturing, immunotherapy
Grade Research grade
Quantity 1 mL
Contents Activator contents suspended in phosphate-buffered saline glycerol
Functional Testing ≥80% expected proliferation of NK cells on day 21
Sterility Sterile 0.2 µm filtered post-aseptic production
Mycoplasma Negative
Storage Keep frozen at -80°C for long-term storage
Once thawed, store at 4°C protected from light for up to one month
Shipping Condition Frozen on dry ice
Product Weight 20 g (0.044 lbs)
Product Dimensions 13 x 13 x 38 mm (0.5 x 0.5 x 1.5 in)


NK Data Sheet 2024 (multi-cytokine options)


Data & Research

NK Data Sheet 2024 (multi-cytokine options)



Quality & Safety

The underlying NanoSpark™ platform has undergone biocompatibility testing when formulated with antibodies specific to our T cell activator, STEM-T, which we consider a significant derisking step for the platform as a whole. The details are as follows:

The composition of the NanoSpark™ reagent is protein-based, and consequently naturally biodegradable, which provides a significant safety advantage over magnetic bead-based and synthetic products. A reputable medical device CRO was commissioned to complete the in vitro & in vivo ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing. The tests were run at >20X the predicted possible carry-over amount, which resulted in no toxicity or adverse effects:

ISO 10993  Biocompatibility Testing Test Type of Test Result Product Tested
ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity In vitro No Toxicity/Adverse Effect NanoSpark STEM-T
ISO 10993-10 Sensitization In vivo: Guinea Pig No Toxicity/Adverse Effect NanoSpark STEM-T
ISO 10993-10 Irritation/Intracutaneous Reactivity In vivo: Rabbits No Toxicity/Adverse Effect NanoSpark STEM-T
ISO 10993-11 Acute Systemic Toxicity In vivo: Mice No Toxicity/Adverse Effect NanoSpark STEM-T
ISO 10993-11 Pyrogenicity In vivo: Rabbits No Toxicity/Adverse Effect NanoSpark STEM-T
ISO 10993-4 Hemocompatibility In vitro No Toxicity/Adverse Effect NanoSpark STEM-T
ISO 10993-3 Genotoxicity Ames In vitro No Toxicity/Adverse Effect NanoSpark STEM-T
ISO 10993-3 Genotoxicity Mouse Lymphoma Forward Mutation In vitro No Toxicity/Adverse Effect NanoSpark STEM-T

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