Simply put, we outperform the competition.

With our first product, we are able to outperform current commercial competitors by producing up to:

2 x
CD8+ Tscm cells
2 x
CD4+ Tscm cells
2 x
Total T cells

The CAR-T Manufacturing Cycle

CAR T graphic 1200

Extraction & Isolation of T cells


Viral Transduction


Genetically engineer CAR-T cells to express a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)


T cell activation & expansion: Nanotein’s superior reagents are combatting a key challenge of CAR-T therapeutics to manufacture long-lived, self-renewing CAR-T cells with increased efficacy that avoid patient relapse


Reinfusion of CAR-T cells into patient


Destruction of cancer cells

Our “Plug & Play” Platform Technology

Our platform technology, is a highly tunable, self-assembling, plug-and-play technology that is optimized for superior CAR-T activation and expansion.

mAb12 only
mAb11 only
mAb10 only
mAb9 only
mAb8 only
mAb7 only
mAb6 only
mAb5 only
mAb4 only
mAb3 only
mAb2 only
mAb1 only
nano only
Increased Total T Cells
Increased CD8+ Tscm
Increased CD4+ Tcm
Increased CD4+ Tscm
Increased CD8+ Tcm

Superior T Cell Expansions


Our CAR-T reagents help customers to make better, more effective cell therapies, faster.

Yes, we are working towards a GMP version. Stay up-to-date with our progress by visiting our website

This is unavailable at this time, but may be possible through collaboration with us. Visit our contact page to get in touch.

FREE T Cell Activation & Expansion Kit

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