Reagent Test Kit


About the Test Kit

Nanotein offers you a simple way to try a pre-release version of our CAR-T reagents and test-drive them in your own environment. The feedback you provide will help us optimize our technology for the best possible results. STEM-T expands greater Tscm and APEX-T expands greater Tcm cell populations, among other characteristics.


Free test kits are available to researchers at companies, institutes, and universities. Free test kits are available for research use only at this time.

How do I participate?

Fill out the form. After you opt in and accept the Nanotein Beta Program Terms of Service, you will be contacted to confirm your eligibility. Your test kit will be scheduled to ship within 10 business days.

Support + Feedback

Participants will receive user support from Nanotein’s scientific experts and will be kept up-to-date on the schedule of the full release of our product(s).

APEX-T and STEM-T reagent T Cell Activator

Each Test Kit contains 2 vials: 1 mL of STEM-T and 1 mL of APEX-T reagent.

FREE Kit Request

Please fill out the form below to receive your test kit.


Our CAR-T reagents help customers to make better, more effective cell therapies, faster.

Just add 10 μL per mL to media – it’s that easy!

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If you require more reagent prior to the official launch of our product(s), then get in touch via our Contact page.