Enhancing Human T Cell Expansion
Ex Vivo With IL-7 and IL-15

Adoptive T cell therapy capitalizes on the body’s immune system to combat cancer by infusing ex vivo expanded T cells engineered to target cancerous cells. The process of large-scale expansion, particularly for therapies like CAR-T, is intricate and requires meticulous optimization to maximize T cell yield while preserving their desired function.

Optimal growth and viability are achieved through culturing immune cells with a high-quality activator supplemented with growth factors and immunomodulators in the growth medium, with a notable combination being Interleukin-7 (IL-7) and IL-15. These cytokines play pivotal roles as growth factors in ex vivo T cell expansion protocols, promoting rapid T cell multiplication and enhancing cytotoxicity, resulting in more potent cancer treatments. 

Beyond their growth-promoting functions, IL-7 and IL-15 also fortify the survival and functionality of transferred T cells within the patient, ensuring a sustained assault on malignant cells.

Results Achieved With IL-7/IL-15 Supplemented T Cell Expansion

Stem cell memory T cells (TSCM) benefit adoptive T cell therapy because they possess self-renewal and differentiation capabilities, ensuring prolonged persistence and potent anti-cancer effects, thereby enhancing the therapy’s longevity and effectiveness against cancer.

When supplemented with IL-7 and IL-15, T cells cultured using Nanotein’s innovative NanoSpark™ STEM-T Soluble T Cell Activator exhibited a remarkable 110-fold expansion by Day 10, with an industry-leading enrichment of TSCM at a final concentration of 40% and 90% for CD4+ and CD8+ subpopulations, respectively (Figure 1).

IL-7/IL-15 Data from Datasheet

Recommended Protocol

IL-7/IL-15 is applied to cell culture T cell expansion in a nearly identical format to the traditional addition of IL-2. It is recommended to follow the IL-2 protocol, but instead of adding 20 ng/mL, add IL-7/IL-15 cytokine supplement combination to the culture media at a final concentration of 10 ng/mL for each. 


NanoSpark™ STEM-T Is Compatible With IL-7/IL-15 Supplementation

Nanotein Technology’s pioneering product, NanoSpark™ STEM-T Soluble T Cell Activator, represents a substantial advancement in adoptive cancer therapy. This innovation effectively addresses a critical challenge by leveraging a protein-based nanoparticle technology that seamlessly complements the action of IL-7/IL-15 cytokines. 

TSCM cells possess the remarkable capacity for self-renewal and differentiation into diverse T cell subsets, ensuring their enduring presence within the patient’s body. NanoSpark™ STEM-T substantially augments this inherent potential, increasing the reservoir of TSCM cells available for therapeutic infusion. 

The innovative NanoSpark™ platform offers a streamlined, highly efficient, and scientifically validated method for enhancing CAR-T and CAR-NK cells. It continues to catalyze future developments in cancer therapy, establishing itself as an invaluable asset for both researchers and patients.

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