Nanotein Launches Revolutionary NK Cell Soluble Activator for Cancer Immunotherapy Research


Nanotein Technologies adds to its best-in-class NanoSpark reagent line, with the launch of NanoSpark™ GROW-NK,  a high-performance reagent for the ex vivo activation and expansion of Natural Killer cells, in an easy-to-use, feeder cell free format.

Berkeley, CA, June 14, 2023 – Nanotein Technologies, a trailblazing leader in innovative cell therapy reagents, recently launched their latest addition to the NanoSparkproduct line:  NanoSparkGROW-NK Soluble Activator. This reagent enables for the feeder cell free activation and expansion of human Natural Killer (NK) cells, ex vivo, to advance cancer immunotherapy development and manufacturing.

Researchers can use this revolutionary and soluble, protein-based activator to easily expand for  a large-volume of high-quality NK cells without needing magnetic components. The nanoscale format of the activator’s proprietary protein complex also allows scientists to use sterile filtration, an extremely desirable novelty in NK immunotherapy.

“The launch of NanoSpark GROW-NK Soluble Activator represents a paradigm shift in how we generate innovative NK cell immunotherapies,” says Curtis Hodge, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Nanotein. “We are thrilled to provide an easy-to-use, pre-assembled NK cell activator that will open the gates for the rapid advancement of NK cell-based therapies, including CAR-NK therapy, and all of the advantages that come with it.”

NK cell-based cancer therapies are a new, groundbreaking type of adoptive immunotherapy with several notable improvements to traditional T cell-based therapies. NK and CAR-NK therapies are far less likely to cause autoimmune reactions that lead to graft versus host disease (GvHD). In addition, they have cellular receptors, such as CD16, that allow the targeting of cancer cells alongside tumor-specific infused antibodies. This process unleashes highly-effective tumor cell death through antibody-dependant cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC). 

NanoSpark GROW-NK further benefits the manufacture and expansion of NK cells by completely removing the need for labor-intensive co-culturing of NK cells with irradiated, cancerous feeder cells; the historical approach used to manufacture NK cells. This innovation dramatically reduces the cost, complexity, and, most importantly, risk of introducing malignant biologic material into the patient—a significant clinical safety and regulatory hurdle that Nanotein’s new product eliminates.

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About Nanotein Technologies, Inc.

Nanotein Technologies was formed in 2019 to address the critical need for high-quality T cell and CAR-T cell activation and expansion reagents in the cancer immunotherapy market. Nanotein leverages revolutionary protein engineering technology developed at the world-renowned Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to solve the biggest hurdles in creating highly-effective, safe, and accessible cell-based cancer therapies. 

Nanotein, along with the Polaris Group, their strategic partner and manufacturer of novel cancer therapies, began with the release of NanoSpark STEM-T Soluble T Cell Activator to launch their product platform, which has now expanded to include the NanoSpark GROW-NK Soluble Activator. Nanotein’s current products are for research use only. Additional activator reagents and GMP-grade product formulations will be released in late 2023.

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