Nanotein Forms Strategic Partnership & Secures Funding

Nanotein and Polaris Group, a developer of novel treatments for cancer, announced they have entered into a strategic partnership to advance Nanotein’s protein-based solutions for superior cellular therapy manufacturing. Based on a proprietary platform technology, Nanotein’s first product is a superior T cell activation and expansion reagent for use in the biomanufacturing of CAR-T cell therapies. It vastly out-performs the on-market competition for general T-cell expansion and for expanding sub-populations critical for in vivo anticancer effects. As part of the Polaris-Nanotein partnership, Polaris will manufacture research use only and GMP-grade material for Nanotein, as well provide an undisclosed amount of funding to help further commercialize Nanotein’s product(s). Polaris will receive equity and royalties for their manufacturing services.

About the Polaris Group

The Polaris Group specializes in the research and development of protein drugs to treat cancer and other debilitating diseases. Polaris’ lead product is currently in clinical trials for patients with mesothelioma, sarcoma, or glioblastoma. Polaris has GMP manufacturing facilities in both the United States and China.